Plucked and bowed string instrument luthier


You will find classical and flamenco guitars, all of them in noble and solid woods. Built in the traditional way and as a result they are guitars with Spanish sound, character and culture.

In my luthier workshop

Exclusive at our luthier workshop: Warchal Timbre violin and viola strings. Luthier's privileged price for you, with free installation on your instrument.


Enter the section of violins, violas made by my hands and enjoy their shapes, colors and surround sound with unique character. Possibility of acquiring violins from artisans from golden times.


I have bows for all bowed string instruments, cataloged according to their quality, response and manufacturer.

Workshop Work

My products.

Miguel Mateo offers you the possibility of acquiring new and old products, all of them reviewed and approved for daily use. The woods that I acquire for the instruments in my workshop are personally selected and duly seasoned. The glues that I use are of animal origin of excellent quality and purity from different parts such as skin, bone and tendons. It depends on the work that I am going to do, I choose the most convenient one. I also use aliphatic glue for certain construction assemblies, no less suitable than hot glues and with acceptable sound qualities.

For the finishes of my instruments, I seal the pores of the wood to prevent it from absorbing environmental humidity and highlight the beauty of the grain of each species of wood. I use organic varnishes such as shellac, mixed with essence and/or linseed oil cooked with natural resins dissolved in alcohol or turpentine essence.