Handcrafted classical concert guitar, Granadillo - Cocobolo.


Bearclaws German Master Selection spruce top, with long drying since 2002. The bear claws (bearclaws) are a highly sought after feature both for sound quality and for their unique aesthetic characteristics. Guitar sides and back in red Granadillo (Dalbergia melanoxylon) with binding in Cocobolo (Dalbergia Retusa). The bottom of the guitar is made up of three pieces harmonically separated by bindings in white and reddish Cocobolo. Cocobolo's centerpiece has a leprechaun face-like design in its center. 650mm Honduran cedar neck with African ebony bracing, African black ebony fingerboard with nickel silver frets, Black ebony bridge of Africa with bone ornament and Cocobolo. KB delux tuners in bronze-coloured aluminum alloy, noble wood diamond buttons and rolling rotation system (support with bearings). Designed for the most demanding musicians offering great ease of pulsation, string height at the 12th fret ranging from 2.7 mm on the first to 3.2 mm on the last. Bone nut width 53mm. Distance between 1st and 6th string at the nut of 43 mm and 60 mm at the bridge. Height of the box at the heel of 93 mm and 100 mm end-block. Artisanal polyurethane varnish, more elastic offering a greater sound volume, it also allows it to be touched up.


Clear sound with powerful treble and balanced bass, rich and sustained harmonics.


Handcrafted classical concert guitar, Granadillo - Cocobolo.

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Classical Concert Special Guitar. Indian Rosewood-European Maple.


This model has been built with the needs of professional performers in mind, in response to their requests. The result is a projection of clear, clean and quick tones, accompanied by velvety bass strings.


The woods used in the guitar are:


- Canadian Master Grade Spruce top.

- Indian Rosewood back and sides with straight and tight grain, featuring a special European flamed maple central decoration and heel wedge. African ebony decoration on the heel cap.

- Honduran Cedar neck with Ebony reinforcement, adorned with flamed maple purflings running from the heel to the headstock.

- Scale length of 650mm.

- Dark Ebony fingerboard with nickel-silver frets.

- Three-piece headstock composed of African ebony as the "M" corporate logo ornament, Indian Rosewood sides, and a central decoration in beautiful flamed maple.

- Armrest made of Ebony on the top in one piece.

- Ebony bridge with a two-piece Indian Rosewood decoration. The string tie-block consists of twelve holes arranged in an opposite pattern.

- Geared tuners.

- Finished with personally crafted and cooked shellac varnish in vanilla color.


(Note: This translation assumes that "zoque" refers to the block-shaped tip piece that connects the neck to the soundboard).

Guitarra Clásica P.S.India y Arce

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