Jérome Thibouville Lamy, France S.XIX 

Sealed inside with the initials JBL.

In the small, traditional instrument-making town of La Couture-Boussey, the Thibouville family had been well established since the 16th century. 

Mauchant Rouver Violin.

Beautiful violin. Fire-engraved name inside and in the endpin area of the tailpiece. Premium spruce top with straight, jointed spruce grains and one-piece, rich flamed maple top.

Miguel Ortega Violin.

Violin by luthier from Zaragoza Miguel Ortega León, Spain. Constructed of top quality wood. Spruce pine top and flamed maple sides, back, neck and scroll.



100% Natural Silk Pajama.



Italian School Violin.

Violin copy of the genuine Antonio Stradivari. Top quality spruce pine with close, parallel and straight grains, back and sides of flamed maple. All preserved without breaks or repairs.